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Rontex America is a Tier 2 and Tier 3 supplier offering extensive knowledge and use of sustainable post-industrial fiber material for a wide range of automotive applications. We offer “A” facing interior fabrics for trunks, rear decks, and wheel well liners, as well as moldable materials custom-designed to meet specific dash, floor, and trunk applications. Our unique blend of cotton, low-melt, and synthetic fibers allows us to continue to be innovative and price sensitive.

Our superior lightweight moldable acoustical insulation is an integral part of the composite designed to eliminate engine, road noise, and wind vibrations in the dash, floors, and cargo areas. Our materials have been approved and are currently being used in many automotive OEMs.

We offer a multitude of custom capabilities including:

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The Rontex America division of Jones Family of Companies continues to design and engineer innovative needle-punch nonwoven materials for a variety of transportation applications since 1970, including interior and exterior material fabrics in the automotive, marine, bus, RV, car audio, and specialty markets.

About Rontex America

Our products are constructed from one or a combination of our nationally-sourced materials, chosen to fit a customer’s custom needs, including durability, intended placement, color, and more. Specific applications of our material fabrics include floor mats, dash covers, speaker box covers, RV cargo liners, and carpet.

12 oz./sq. yd. of solution-dyed synthetic fibers with a Random Velour pile. A variety of widths and 20 stock colors.
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18 oz./sq. yd. of solution-dyed synthetic fibers with a high-density pile. Wide variety of uses and 30 stock colors.
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Thermal Bond Nonwoven Carpet
14 oz./sq. yd. of FMVSS 302 flame-resistant fibers available in a variety of widths up to 90” and 15 colors.
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Automotive Liners
A flat-needled blend of fibers for a variety of shapes. Available as Unbacked or Thermally Bonded and six color options.
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Let’s innovate together to customize the sustainable Automotive solution that’s right for you.

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Steve Eisendrath
General Manager