Cades Engineering & Mechanical Consulting Solutions

Engineering mechanical consulting solutions

Cades LLC. is an industrial maintenance company that was built to work with customers in their facilities and on their properties with an agreement and intent to enhance performance and reduce the customer’s required employee level of experience.

Any work provided by Cades LLC. will be carried out in the safest and most effective way possible. The customer will provide the required safety training or guidelines as well as any other requirements to be followed while Cades LLC is under any agreement with customer(s). At no time will Cades be responsible for any costs or expenses from any defective work, equipment, or changes to scope of work.  

Cades LLC. is devoted to working with companies to add value to the lives of all stakeholders. Never hesitate to give us a call to see how we can assist each other in a better tomorrow!


Our consulting side works with you to provide guidance in areas such as:


Industrial Maintenance

Our industrial maintenance crew has over 215 years of combined experience in most all areas of industrial maintenance. We install, remove and rebuild entire production lines. 

We would be happy to assist you and your current teams in reducing downtime you have or preventative maintenance activities that will allow you to get your production line back up and running ahead of schedule. We cover all areas from working directly with your current teams to following direction and guidance from you or your team to achieve the desired work activity you need completed.

Industrial maintenance

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

We have a 9,000 sq/ft machine shop for all repair, welding, fabrication, and painting needs. We work with conveyors, warehouse racking, safety guarding fabrication, on-site or shop welding, and most other needs you have.

Rates & Schedule

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Taylor Nonwovens

"Every one of the Cades team that we have worked with has a great work ethic and character, so it's easy for me to give them a good recommendation. They are very knowledgeable in the nonwovens machinery sector."
Taylor Hobbs, Taylor Nonwovens