“You can choose either to trust reason and use God, or you can choose to…

Trust God and use reason.”

- John Lennox

For over 87 years Jones has chosen the latter.

Our company mission is to be people-oriented, service-minded, quality-driven, and profit-motivated, but at no time should these aspirations sacrifice the dignity of the individual, be it associate, customer, supplier, or owner. We believe in the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated. We measure our success by the relationships we develop with our customers and partners, focusing on what is best for everyone we serve. Cultivating relationships with integrity is the bottom line for us.

Throughout the years, we have formed partnerships with textile manufacturers around the world and forged relationships with suppliers who have played strategic roles in our continued growth. Most importantly, our thriving relationships with our customers have allowed us to innovate and customize our products for a wide range of applications.

We look forward to a future of innovation and growth as we position ourselves as a leader in the nonwoven textile industry. Let us show you the difference that nearly a century of experience makes. Let’s innovate together.