nWET Nonwoven Strip Material

nWET (nonwoven edge trim) is a state-of-the-art alternative material that meets or exceeds the performance requirements of conventional economy spun yarns. The absorption exceeds 600%—more than 150 to 200 points better than conventional spun rayon-blend yarn. The bulk of the nWET strips also allows you to manufacture an equivalent mop using approximately 50% of the weight required in the conventional string mop. These two factors alone position nWET as a viable alternative raw material.

The material is a blend of rayon and polyester with a soft texture similar to the nonwoven fabric found in baby wipes. The material is available in single-end and 10 or 24 multiple-end packages. nWET is ideal for limited use or disposable applications.

Let’s innovate together to customize the sustainable nWET Nonwoven Strip Material solution that’s right for you.