T-Bond Fire Barriers

Our thermally bonded nonwoven fire barriers are engineered for maximum thickness and comfort in mattress, futon, and furniture constructions.

Anchored by inherent rayon fibers, intimate blending provides superior protection and durability compared to products utilizing topically applied flame retardant agents. T-Bond® has consistently passed the burn test of the Federal standard 16CFR1633.

Jones fire barriers are available in several fiber grades including stratified and non-stratified constructions to meet a variety of fuel loads. The T-Bond® barrier is robust and durable, processing with ease in panels, gussets, and borders. The product is available in multiple dimensioned pads and roll packaging for processing in quilting applications. 

T-Bond® FR Barrier is packaged in 88” to 90” standard-width, 82-pound rolls. Yardage per roll varies according to the fiber grade basis weight. FR pads are dimensioned for standard bedding sizes. Custom dimensioned pads are made to order. Available in weights of .5 – 2.0 ounces per square foot and in a variety of fiber grades.

Let our knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives assist you with product information and identifying the grade engineered to perfectly meet your unique requirements.

Our business model is founded on unmatched service and product innovation, and each Jones plant operates within 500 miles of the highest U.S. population density. Let us help you improve your product designs with superior performance and service for a positive impact on your bottom line.

Let’s innovate together to customize the sustainable T-Bond Fire Barriers solution that’s right for you.