Rontex America

The Rontex America division of Jones Family of Companies continues to design and engineer innovative needle-punch nonwoven materials for a variety of transportation applications since 1970, including interior and exterior material fabrics in the automotive, marine, bus, RV, car audio, and specialty markets.

We provide shorter lead times (quicker turnaround) and lower minimum order quantities than the industry standard. As a result, we are widely respected as a groundbreaking, quality-consistent supplier in every market we serve. We also offer a full complement of customer services including custom colors, roll lengths, widths, and in-line slitting.

Domestically Sourced and Manufactured

All our products are 100% manufactured in the United States. Our raw materials are 100% sourced in the United States as well, and our in-house blending and opening equipment provides us greater flexibility and enhanced capabilities which allow us to better serve our customers. 

Thermal Bonding

In addition, thermal bonding can be performed with any Rontex product. Thermal bonding is used to increase dimensional stability, reduce elongation, increase Velcro compatibility, and improve abrasion resistance. Generally, this involves incorporating a low melt fiber at the blending stage which is then activated by the application of heat.

Rontex can use either through-air bonding or direct contact heating methods for activation; the choice is determined by the desired appearance and physical properties required. Thickness calibration and slitting of products in widths as low as 9 inches can be accommodated in this operation.

Finishing Touches

Rontex actively partners with approved outside sources at our customers' request to provide other finishing operations such as extrusion coatings, singeing, or adhesive lamination, which allows the production process to include operations not available under our own roof.

Learn more and let’s innovate together to customize the sustainable automotive solution that’s right for you.

Rontex Automotive Solutions